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Welcome to FTSE Russell Quantitative & Structural Data (QSD)
Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Do companies have effective operating models?

FTSE Russell ESG is a quantitative data model developed for measuring the exposure and performance of corporate operations in relation to environmental, social and governance business risks.

Our detailed ESG framework enables observation of change as companies evolve their operational business models to consider social capital, human capital, manufactured capital, and natural capital alongside financial capital.
Green Revenues

Who is exposed to the green industrial transition?

FTSE Green Revenues is a quantitative data model, specifically designed for benchmarking changes in industrial output as companies transition towards the Green Economy.

By consistently capturing the activiities and revenues of individual companies, the model identifies change at an extremely detailed level as they increasingly provide goods, products and services that adapt, mitigate or remediate the impact of climate change, resource depletion and environmental erosion.
Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB)

How do you capture industrial output?

ICB is a securities data model and multi level industrial classification taxonomy for categorizing companies and securities worldwide, enabling the comparison of companies across four hierarchical levels of industrial activity.

At the highest level ICB defines 10 global Industries and at the lowest level 114 industrial Subsectors. More than 290,000 global securities currently have an ICB classification.
Stock Exchange Daily Official List (SEDOL)

Can I build a golden copy securities file?

SEDOL is a securities data model containing more than 5 million unique, market-level, global security identifiers that help to increase straight through processing efficiencies and decreases the costs of potential cross-border trade failure.

There are currently 5.5m live SEDOLs that have been created for 147,000 corporate, supranational and government issuers across 49 specific security types.

Which companies own coal assets?

FTSE Russell COAL is a fundamental data model that identities public companies from developed & emerging markets with their coal revenues, production and reserves.

As regulators continue to introduce legislation linked to CO2 emissions and in some instances the removal of coal holdings from portfolios, it becomes increasingly important for investors to be able to rapidly understand the impact of such decisions on the portfolios they currently manage and the products they are thinking of building.